Ervaringen van cliënten


Maria (24)

I was lucky to meet Charlotte at a time when panic attacks, intense anxiety and depression were severely impacting all aspects of my life. I have been battling these mental health issues for as long as I can remember, but just after my first session with Charlotte I already had a sense of certainty that she was the positive influence and support I needed to overcome them. And I was right- Charlotte’s patience, kindness and understanding, as well as her extensive expertise and flexible approach to therapy, have proved to be invaluable in my journey to becoming a more balanced and confident person. I have learnt not only to challenge my irrational anxious self, but to also become more accepting of the difficult feelings and thoughts which often arise, as well as practice awareness of my emotions in the present moment through mindfulness and meditation.

Thank you Charlotte for being there for me in my most challenging times and always reminding me to be kind to myself, you are truly inspiring!

Jessica (36)

Charlotte is een rustig, vriendelijk persoon bij wie je je direct op je gemak voelt. Een sessie verloopt heel helder en steeds met een duidelijke doelstelling. Stel in haar je vertrouwen en je zult snel vooruitgang boeken!

M (46) When I first went to see Charlotte, I had a combination of problems and was finding life very difficult. My problems included a constant feeling of anxiety, episodes of panic, terrible insomnia and depressive feelings. On meeting Charlotte, I was immediately comfortable, finding her kind, caring, patient and knowledgable. Many months later and with a combination of both CBT and ACT, I have a renewed sense of self and a different perspective on things I previously perceived as problems. I now feel able to get on with life, knowing that Charlotte is there if I need her! Thank you, Charlotte.

C (47) Working with Charlotte has transformed my approach to so many difficult areas of my life.She is caring, insightful and has an expert way of enabling you to find your inner wisdom.I was suffering from low confidence, fear and anxiety after years of menopausal and post-cancer issues.Charlotte made gentle but effective suggestions. Most importantly, for me, she made it feel natural and possible to challenge negative thoughts whilst acknowledging and accepting my feelings.

I highly recommend working with Charlotte.

Paul (29) “I came to Charlotte on the back drop of some anxiety and problems with low mood. These tended to fluctuate from an almost constant dull hum of worry in my gut – one that I had learned to deal with on a day-to-day basis, all the way up to moments of significant despair; unable to sleep or eat. I struggled to focus on anything which was affecting my relationships and my work.

Charlotte and I began to talk about scenarios which I felt had triggered these intense responses. Charlotte’s insights proved to be very important and almost changed my thought processes immediately. I began to feel better. It was like a weight had been lifted and I began to implement the techniques that Charlotte had taught me into my everyday life. Charlotte provided me with the tools and guidance to challenge my thought processes and to change my behaviours.

I have learned how to understand and challenge my anxieties. I have learned how to cope and I feel refreshed since attending our sessions.

Thank you Charlotte.”

Desiree (30); Na een eerste kennismaking met Charlotte door het volgen van de mindfulness-cursus, toch ook de stap durven te wagen om ACT te volgen. De afstand Sheffield-Limburg wisten we goed te overbruggen door de sessies online te plannen. Bij het afronden van de cursus kunnen concluderen dat dit ontzettend goed is bevallen; Charlotte is als therapeute betrokken en gaat met je mee in het proces dat leidt tot werkelijke ‘acceptance en commitment’. Een aanrader om met behulp van 6 sessies je eigen waarden te ontdekken en hiermee vervolgens zelf mee verder te gaan.

David (46); Ik houd niet van zweverig gedoe maar de rustige, nuchtere manier waarop Charlotte mindfulness geeft bleek precies wat ik nodig had.

Marina (33); Na mijn borstkanker viel het me zwaar om het leven weer op te pakken. Charlotte is heel betrokken, lief en tegelijk doortastend. Samen hebben we aan de hand van CGT een manier gevonden om de draad weer op te pakken.

Maaike (53); Ik had vaak het gevoel geen regie te hebben, alsof ik niet diegene was die aan het roer stond. na mijn sessies met Charlotte voel ik me veel beter in staat om mijn eigen beslissingen te nemen. Ik ben assertiever en kan veel beter mijn grenzen aangeven.

Thomas (29); Ik was nogal chaotisch; mindfulness heeft me geleerd beter te focussen en om me te richten op 1 ding in plaats van op van alles tegelijk 🙂

Sophie (38): Ik ben behoorlijk perfectionistisch, vooral als ik onder druk sta wat me dan niet echt hielp.  Maar na de sessies met Charlotte kan ik veel beter omgaan met stress. Kiezen in plaats van blind reageren. Dit helpt me echt om kalmer te blijven.